Wholesale Mercury Free Thermometer


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Product description
The mercury-free thermometer is a new type of thermometer that does not contain mercury. Non-toxic, friendly and environmentally friendly.
Its accuracy and other specifications are the same as those of mercury thermometers.
This is with shaking temperature.
Product Details
Mercury Free Thermometer CR.W00
Description: The mixture of gallium and indium instead of mercury, nontoxic, no batteries needed, Measuring range: 35-42 Celsius degree( 96-106 Fahrenheit ), Size of thermometer: length 120+8mm and -5mm, width 12卤0.4mm, Accurate: 37掳C+0.10掳C and -0.15掳C, 41掳C+0.10掳C and -0.15掳C
Packaging: Plastic single case
size: 58*36*16cmWholesale Mercury Free Thermometer
website:China Mercury Free Thermometer Suppliers, Manufacturers, Factory - Wholesale Cheap Mercury Free Thermometer Made in China - EXANOVO
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